A Few Steps Sideways

In January, I was asked to be a member of a facilitation team to deliver a workshop to internal staff at the Ministry of Forests and Range. The title of the workshop is Respect in the Workplace: Empowerment and Engagement Though Courageous Conversations. This 7-hour workshop explores key dynamics of workplace culture and uses purposeful conversations as a tool to manage conflict.

I have delivered 4 sessions so far with the help of another facilitator, with one more scheduled later in the month. This workshop has certainly been a learning grown to expand my facilitator skills and has also developed my conflict management acumen as well.

However, since the time from shoulder tap to first delivery was brief, combined with a perfect storm of activity from my other commitments, I have been on hiatus from the Storytelling advanced manual.

Fortunately, I was reminded by a fellow Toastmaster to adapt the workshop into a Discussion Leader Advanced Manual Project. As if by serendipity, shortly thereafter I was asked to deliver this material in a 30 min session at a local Toastmaster Club. I was challenged to take a lengthy session and reduce it to such a trim time limit and not loose participant impact.

How did it go? Fantastic. The time rigorous Toastmaster environment was an awesome vessel for a condensed program like this. I was able to be expedient with my facilitation segues without feeling like I was interrupting conversation since I felt my Toastmaster audience were empathetic with the time impetuous that we were under. I was also able to work in a buzz session (breakout), a plenary brainstorm, and a round robin piece, as requested the project objectives. Feedback from the participants was overwhelming enthusiastic, even an inquiry to deliver this workshop for a corporate client.

Next up, now that life has slowed down a bit, I will to continue with the Storytelling Advanced Manual – Project 2. Ideally, I would like to videotape my story, and even invite a remote evaluation before I deliver it live.

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