Status Report

In March, I was able to deliver Project #2 (A Personal Story) and Project #3 (A Moral Story) from the Advanced Storytelling Manual.
I was not completely prepared to deliver Project #2; however, I was at a club that needed a speech and I decided to push it. I have been practicing it in the car, to and from work for a while but I usually like to practice it in front of a mirror to nail down the eye contact, timing, and vocal variety. However, I thought I presented it credibly and it seemed well received by my audience. Also, I find that its a worthy challenge to deliver something not quite ripe.

Since I was scheduled to deliver a speech at a club a few days later, I had a decision to make: do I redeliver the same speech, or do I challenge myself to deliver something new on short notice. There are pros and cons to each option. However, I choose the later, wanting to progress farther into the manual instead of perfecting a presentation before moving on. My topic was an version of “The Starfish Story” which I thought solidly fit the objectives of the project due to its worthy moral that a difference can be made, one starfish at a time.

With these projects behind me, I now set my sites on delivering Project #4: A Moving Story. I have chosen to tell the back-story of a painting myself and my son enjoyed while visiting Paris in November 2009. We were listening to the audio-guide for the Louvre Museum, attached at the hip by an iPod with dual earphone jacks and were directed to a spot in front of Gericault’s The Raft of the Medusa. The magnificence of this painting, combined with the powerfully tragic story that inspired it’s creation, which we took in via our iPod, literally made us slump into padded bench behind us. I don’t know if this story will move other, but it moved us and was a special moment of shared learning for a father and son as well.

My son, Gabriel, (in yellow on the right) @ the Louvre

I’ll strive to do it by video, although if the opportunity to give it live presents itself before I get around to it, all bets are off. I’m setting a target date of May 5 to impose some motivation.

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