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How much “prep” do you really need?

One of the greatest challenges in communication and leadership revolves around preparation and improvisation. Sometimes the amount of preparation done for a presentation, a facilitation, a meeting, an interview, or a conversation is dictated by how much time is available. … Continue reading

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Do Questions Have Their Own Value?

This week, I can across an interesting difference of opinion. I belong to an advisory council for the deputy ministry of my agency. He uses this forum to gather the pulse of people in the organization, idea bouncing, and pretty … Continue reading

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Begin your Speech with a Roadmap

My blog post last week shared some stellar feedback I received on how to improve my hook opening by not saying anything that would confuse, distract, or alienate my audience members – right off the bat. I actually received a … Continue reading

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Start a Speech With a Strong and Respectful Hook!

I got some amazing advice this past week from a seasoned communicator. I delivered a speech at my friendly neighborhood Toastmaster club (The Plaza 400 Club) and decided to begin with a hook opening. A hook, in this context, is … Continue reading

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