6 Great Tips To Share an Idea

This week I was asked if I’ve ever been a salesman.  I answered, “Of course, very few of us have careers where we don’t sell something.”

Have I got an idea for you!

Have I got an idea for you!

You don’t need to pedal used cars to be a salesperson.
We live in the information age where we communicate by selling our thoughts, opinions and ideas and do so in a challenging sea of intense noise.  It pays to be alert for ways to share our information better.

That’s why I love these 6 tips I paraphrased from Canadian adman Terry O’Reilly:

  1. Create an “Atmosphere of Approval” the moment you enter the room.
  2. Design a well-structured presentation that will feel professional and persuasive.
  3. Nail the most important part – the ending. This is where you convince your audience to buy your idea by eliminating their obstacles to approval, “while the cement is still wet.”
  4. Avoid silence. Keep talking until your audience asks its first question & keep energy up.
  5. Never tell a client how to think or risk starting from a deficit.
  6. Don’t sell past the point of approval.  When you get to “yes,” go for lunch.

O’Reilly’s take is that in the world of marketing, most good ideas die in the boardroom because few people are taught to be great presenters.  However, he contends these tips work for all businesses, and I agree.  In fact, I think they might be equally effective outside of work aswell.  For more information:

  • Listen to these tips at the 18 min. mark of O’Reilly’s podcast (free until June 27, 2013 then available on iTunes).
  • Listen online.
  • Or, read a more detailed explanation of these six tips.

What aspect of these concepts have you used in selling your ideas?  Share them with me via a comment below, tweet me @gsjonuk, or email me at thejonuks@shaw.ca.

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