Learnings From a Prince George Renaissance Man

After a lengthy absence, I have decided to restart blogging. Why I blog and what I hope to achieve through doing so will have to wait because I felt it more important to restart & share that later. While my focus will continue to be communication & leadership, I will also occasionally explore some of my other passions, such as travel food, cycle-commuting, and politics. Another topic selection criteria will be what I can write easily in a few hours each week. I hope to post on a regular basis, each Sunday, without spending an unsustainable amount of time on each piece. But I digress.

Recently I’ve been enjoying conversations with a variety of people of what they’ve learned recently from their job, or different events or changes in their life. This week, I had the great pleasure of having a “learning conversation” with Travis Shaw (aka Foxy De Rossi). Travis is a dear friend of my wife Terri and when she had him over for coffee this morning, she jokingly told me I high-jacked the visit with the plethora of questions I had for Travis.

Prince George Drag Queen - Foxy De Rossi

Prince George Drag Queen – Foxy De Rossi

Not my fault, I find Travis one of the most interesting people I know and have incredible respect for him for so many reasons. Travis is an optimist, multi-racial, aboriginal, Gen Y, political candidate, drag queen, survivor, a former world-class (& well-loved) barista, and currently a public servant in the field of healthcare. He would likely identify in many any other ways but the composite of any such descriptors would be awesome. Travis is awesome and the City of Prince George is lucky to have him.

Terri, Travis, and myself had a rambling conversation on many topics but I was most interested in his latest run at Prince George City Council. This is the second time he has run, and I asked him what he has learned as a two-time city council candidate.
Travis replied: “I leaned that being myself can be enough for change.”

Mild Mannered Travis Shaw (Source: http://www.pgfreepress.com/)

Mild Mannered Travis Shaw (Source: http://www.pgfreepress.com/)

When I asked him what this meant, we talked about the difference between his public performances as his drag queen persona, Foxy De Rossi, and his alter ego, the much more mild mannered Travis Shaw. Travis realized that when you run for city council, you become a public figure. This is not something unusual for Travis as he has achieved some measure of fame as a drag queen. When he noticed fans dressing as “Foxy” for Halloween, he knew that he was influencing others in a way he had always dreamed of. However, his ability to affect change, undressed, is a more recent realization. Travis has a unique perspective, and feedback from the public, and from his fellow councillor candidates, during and after his campaigns is demonstrating that people are looking at things differently as a result of his presence.

I would love to hear what you have learned from one of your recent conversations with a person in your life.

Also, if you have a question or comment about this blog post, or find a glitch, then kindly comment below, tweet me @gsjonuk, or email me at thejonuks@shaw.ca

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2 Responses to Learnings From a Prince George Renaissance Man

  1. Sam says:

    I enjoyed your post. It’s wonderful meeting people who give such a fresh perspective. What a journey your traveling Travis, all the best of luck and strength.

  2. gsjonuk says:

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Sam. I also enjoyed your blog and was particularly interested in your adventure to Peru that your family schemed to send you on. I’ll bet you have some fine stories to tell about that trip.

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