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Learn … to Smile

One of my focuses of this blog is to share things that I learn.  That is consistent with one of my personal core values: continuous learning.  I have written in a previous post that learning can happen in small places, like a … Continue reading

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Vet Your Question Before You Brainstorm

A facilitated exercise where you draw out and capture the intelligence of a group of, aka brainstorming, is something that I often do in my communication and leadership practice.  Brainstorming may seem like a simple activity; however, there are many … Continue reading

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Awesome Questions Useful for a Published or Live Interview

Prince George Citizen Questions: 1. Book currently on your night stand (or open on your e-reader)? 2. Three things you’d take with you if you were marooned on an island? 3. Go-to song to lift your spirits? 4. Favourite movie/TV show? … Continue reading

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