Step Into It – Being Deliberate About When to Sit

A few months ago I read an article about how sitting is like the new smoking.

Since then, I’ve been trying to do a better job of being deliberate about when and where I sit. I discovered that much of the time that I typically spent on my tush was not necessary and I’ve been working on finding ways to reframe these situations.

At meetings. I’ve been been striving to be more strategic on where I set up camp around the meeting room so I can stand, stretch, or even exercise while the proceedings are ongoing. Paying attention to where I’m located reduces how I might distract others. I find that the added activity has kept me more alert, especially  in the afternoons when my body slips towards siesta mode.

Exercising during meetings is a great way to stay active, engaged, and awake

Turn a projector on, dim the lights, and my head drops like a drop of drool off a dog’s jowl (I did some of that that too).  An added bonus is that at breaks, I’ve now got a built in conversation starter sign on my forehead: “Why exactly are you wiggling for?”

At airports (& parks). My teenage daughter hates this but I have been shamelessly lunging in public.  My current exercise routine involves three sets of calisthenic exercises a day. I used to think time spent waiting in an airport terminal was the perfect time to whip out the smart phone and catch up but now I have another option: public displays of exercise.  Sure I stand out, absolutely I likely look a little odd. However,  I figure like Derek Siver’s first crazy dancer, eventually I’ll start a movement and I’ll just be one gyrating fool out of many.

Amy Cuddy promotes power-posing as a way to be more confident at work

Amy Cuddy promotes power-posing as a way to be more confident at work

I’ve also been enjoying my thing at a park nearby my office. This type of bold activity is not for the self-conscious, but in addition to the obvious physical benefits, I figure all this power posing will give me a leg up in my working life as well; if you take Amy Cuddy’s work on body language to heart.

In front a screen. Right now, as I’m typing this, I am walking on the spot (which likely explains all the spelling and grammatical faux pas). To loose weight, I’ve been squeezing more activity into my life and stepping where I used to sit or sofa dwell has been my alternative.  I’m conditioned now to walk or job on the spot while I’m plugging in or tuning out.  In the age of Netflix, everyone in my house watches TV alone so If I’m not being social, I might as well get physical.  I wonder if this will catch on at movie theaters where people can guzzle their popcorn and pop – guilt free- knowing that they are burning it off with every frame of film.

If you see me wiggling at a meeting, an airport,  or in front of a projection screen near you, now you know why.  It likely won’t make me look any less strange but at least you know I’m mostly harmless.  And, if things go according to plan, my oddness will be temporary because if my extra-efforts catch on, I’ll just be like everyone else.

What are your awesome comments or questions about this unusual activity?

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