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Working Well With Humor – 3 tips to boost the levity factor of your next presentation

Humor is a tricky thing to master and an incredibly valuable communication asset to get your message across and have fun while doing it.  Here are 3 tips to boost your jocular acumen: Give it pause.  Often, humor needs space … Continue reading

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Let it Land: Compliments are often more for others than you

I was reminded of a communication phenomena this weekend that I have realized for a few years but need work on applying. I attended the Prince George component of the Great Canadian Ultimate Game, a Ultimate Frisbee game that in … Continue reading

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Consider an Introduction Template for Multi-Presenter Events

In the past few weeks, I’ve been called upon to facilitate events with multiple speakers.  One had over nine presenters in a three quarter day agenda.    I have found that when delivering such events, it’s important to have a tool to … Continue reading

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Vet Your Question Before You Brainstorm

A facilitated exercise where you draw out and capture the intelligence of a group of, aka brainstorming, is something that I often do in my communication and leadership practice.  Brainstorming may seem like a simple activity; however, there are many … Continue reading

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A Glimpse Behind Another’s Curtain

A few weeks ago, I re-introduced myself to the new principal of my kid’s school. We had previously met multiple years ago. He was a teacher at a school that I did workshops for while I was volunteer Violence Prevention Educator for the Canadian … Continue reading

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One of the Best Decisions of My Life

I commonly use this phrase when I talk about a very big part of my life – Toastmasters.  I say this because of the tremendous learning and personal development that have come to me by taking a turn down this … Continue reading

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Full of Sound and Fury – Signifying Nothing?

That famous Shakespearian phrase represents what many feel that buzzwords, corporate jargon, business lexicon have become.  Social media and the Internet are chock-full of hateful comments about these words and phrases.  Exhibit A, enjoy this amusing rant on “going forward.”  There … Continue reading

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